Labradoodle Video Gallery

This page has a variety of videos with everything from our dogs, to videos of puppies from birth to 8 weeks when they leave for their homes, to videos of our doodle puppies in their new homes with their fabulous families. Please feel free to browse around!

Videos of Our Dogs

Here is a video of our parent doodles. They are quite the fabulous family members and we love each of them dearly! They have such special personalities and are very loving and social! They all have their own spot where they like to lounge, it’s often in the same place we would like to sit….but the dogs typically win that battle!

Our Australian mini labradoodle puppy, Greeley, is quite talented….she can climb the baby gate this is in place at the bedroom doors to keep her out. If we go into the room she too feels she should be in also and climbs the gate quite quickly. Watch and see!

Videos of Mueller’s Blessed Day Doodle Pups in Their Forever Homes

Below are two videos of Miss Hadley. She’s a gorgeous black and white parti from Piper and Huck. She lives in Paris with Maggie and Cyril and they do an amazing job of keeping me updated with pics and video of this sweet girl! She also got to ride in cabin with her Grandpa over the Atlantic! She’s one spoiled girl! Hoping I can go visit her in Paris some day!!

And here Hadley is practicing her ninja skills!

And here she is playing fetch in the park.

Here’s sweet Georgia, a Libby x Huck puppy, pulling her wagon of toys!